Updating my shop with new grinders! Medium roasted coffees

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I own a coffee shop with heavy use (9 ~ 12) lb. of beans daily. However, now I'm looking to update my grinders to something reliable, precise, accurate, and most importantly can handle heavy work. I have used the Bezzera M80A for at least 4 years, but I found out I'm losing a lot of beans because of non-accuracy on it plus I keep sending it to service every month and cost me a lot. So, now I'm looking for some digital "to avoid wasting beans" and I have seen some options like Arduino MDJ and Mythos 85 and others. But I would like to get some advice before buying!!

The machine I'm looking for is for medium roasted beans (for espresso) with GBW feature to avoid waste and the difference in taste.

The budget is up to 5,500 ~ USD

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I am a home user so mainly my concern is the retention, I am testing now at home a Ditting Sweet adn Compak PKE.

One of my favorite specialty coffee shops in Munich just swapped the grinders to Mahlkoenig e65 GBW. The coffee is really excellent, I drink the light roast. Probably the e80 supreme would be a tick better but more expensive, I think it also has the GBW feature. In terms of retention I think both are decent, compared to the huge retention of old Mahlkoenig (K30, Peak).

I think for you it is important the GBW feature in order to reduce the waste. I didn't drink much coffee from Mythos so I cannot really evaluate how coffee tastes compared to other grinders I know well.

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One option I tried lately is the malkhonig E80 SUPREME, reliable from what I eard from my coffee owner friends, fast, build for high volume and those burr will get you a sweet cup. It's time base but quite precise and adjustment is in micron for repeatability when you go back and forth between coffee. I would still go for the grind by time as the gbweight might not be as reliable in the long run

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Thank you for your input... I'll take that advice

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Thank you I'll add malkhonig E80 SUPREME to the list!!!

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Malkhonig Peak?
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Unfortunately it's not supported anymore on Mahlkonig website. It might be available with some vendors but parts will be a problem for the long run :!: :!:

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MK E80 GBW is being released this summer
I don't want a Decent