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lancealot wrote:Yes, you understand correctly. I don't know your life but 6 min is very quick. It is a choice between:
- a 30 second wait and mediocre espresso with very little control
- a 10 minute wait for an beverage that is only limited by the quality of the beans and your skill.
Also, the BDB has an auto startup on a timer.

It took me 2 months to realize I outgrew my Barista Express and get a BDB.
Got it, thank you. Would you happen to know what the warmup time would be for the other 3 machines suggested above?


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If the steam wand is the same as my Breville Oracle (which i doubt bc it's a thermoblock?), it does work; you need to make sure the milks cold, you use the right amount (enough for it to properly froth but not so much you can't swirl properly), and that you indeed, swirl vigorously, no more than say 20 seconds after it's done.

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are you saying that you can use the automatic mode to froth for latte art with your oracle? I don't think we have the same wand but who knows. How much milk is the right amount in your jug?


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I looked up the touch and it looks like the same thing. I don't fill it moore than half to two thirds way. The key is that you need enough room to move the milk around to integrate it, and you can't let it sit for too long without swirling, otherwise it will separate and all the foam sits on top (which would happen with any milk steamer but it happens especially quick with the auto steamer). The Breville jug makes it a little tricky, so I use an Espro Toroid jug that helps, but it's still entirely possible with the Breville jug.

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Since you are concerned with warm up time, have you considered getting a programmable wifi plug? This way you can have any of the machines be warm and waiting for you when you wake up.
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The BDB can be programmed. But I just want to know that it is indeed going to be a difference

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Is espresso a fad or an obsession?

If the former, BDB as the the machine will likely outlast the fad
If the latter, no Breville. A quality machine, well maintained can last decades

Jeff is correct that HX are more of a PITA, but if you make a lot of milk drinks, the big boiler is nice for steaming. The Elektra Verve is a nice, pricy HX with thermal control.

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