Travel grinder that fits in AeroPress?

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da gino

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I have an AeroPress / Hario combination for travel, but while the Hario does fine it is not much fun to use - takes too many cranks and the handle is short enough that there isn't much leverage and it just feels like grinding even 14g's takes a lot of work.

For context I have an original Lido that is much nicer to use, but too big for plane travel, and I have great powered grinders that I'm not looking to replace for home use (although I currently use the powered grinder for espresso at home and the Lido most of the time for drip and if a new grinder were better than the Lido at drip that would, of course, be a bonus).

Are any of the grinders like the Comendante or Kinu much more pleasant to use and small enough to slide inside an aeropress for travel? (I suppose the cheapest option might be to just get a much longer handle for the Hario).

This grinder would be used mainly for Aeropress, a little for drip, or a lot for drip if it were better than the Lido and never for espresso.

So priorities are in order 1) size 2) ergonomics and 3) quality of grind. Fourth would be price as I certainly don't want to go over $500 for a hand grinder if possible, but I'm guessing there is something great between $100 and $500.


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The Madebyknock Aergrind should meet all your criteria.

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I have a Porlex Mini that fits perfectly into my Aeropress that I use for camping. It easily grinds a 14g dose too. But alas the grind quality is not great and no where near the Lido. I guess because I am outdoors and not working that I don't notice it and the coffee tastes great! 8)

da gino (original poster)

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Thanks for the replies so far. By the way, I'm an idiot - now that I think about it the grinder that I want to upgrade is the Porlex Mini, not a Hario. It would be perfect for camping especially if hiking in the sense that it is super light and does a sufficient job grinding.

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My daily driver for nearly a year is an older blue aeropress (much beloved) and a timemore slim+ . The grinder fits easily inside the a-p, but is taller, and I am happy with the grind quality as well as the build quality. I grind 14.5g in 40 rev's. I'd buy it again if something happened to it, after 6 months of 3-4x /day use.


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Timemore slim and nano fit.


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+1 For Timemore Slim

As the name is the slimmest...
Slim - M47 Travel - C40

Enough capacity for travel 25+gr (27.7gr relatively small beans)