To Fix a Breville Dual Boiler or Replace Completely

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the million dollar question being asked for what feels like a millionth time. I currently have a BDB which is 2yrs out of Breville repair for what keeps to plague these machines - an unstable pressure. They replaced the OPV on this most recently under warranty which is now over a year expired. In any case my issues with this unit are as follows and I'm torn if I want to essentially waste $400 to "fix" (bandage for a little bit) or just put that $ into something worth it's weight.

1 - electrical static issue where light on the water tank does not shut off after machine goes to sleep, have to push one of the brew buttons to have it go off. not a functionality issue but one of those WTF moments, has been going on for a while
2 - leaking leaking everywhere, replaced 10 or 11 o-rings which seems to have stopped the leakage per the nice BDB maintenance thread here
3 - this is new and happened a few weeks/month? after the o-ring replacement, turn on steam wand and get the 3 beeps of death. It works immediately after the machine warms up or if I do a reset (it seems) but 3 minutes past that point and it's back to 3 beeps and weak steam

Called the "wonderful" useless support and was told to descale. Did descale and of course you guessed it problem NOT solved.

I've already been on the fence about what to do with this machine since I feel it no longer satisfies my functionality. What I mean by that is from it's slightly less than my preference look, to it's super noisy pump, to the nuisance issues like the lighting. I also seem to have a strong desire for a better steam ability with a much better wand (this one feels too restrictive).

these all seem kind of capricious reasons and a new machine at $3K+ is a tough pill to swallow but that's why I'm here :). I am somewhere in the realm of LMLM which is a very TOUGH pill to swallow, followed by an ECM Synchronika, Rocket R58 or something similar or maybe a Lelit though it feels like mixed reviews on that one.

I do a drink or two a day with milk, sometimes when entertaining will do quite a bit more. Mainly milk drinks, not looking to plumb yet but would be nice to have the option. I have a Eureka Atom75 which I love so the full budget is on the machine. Beans are ordered fresh and range in the mid/dark area with my preference being more Italian style roasts with more robust flavors, not a fan of lemony fruity acidic light stuff.



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It sounds like you are really done with the BDB. It's a shame you have had so many problem. My BDB is coming up on 6 years in June, with only the usual maintenance issues, and since I'm a DIY type, changing out o-rings, a solenoid, and a steam valve, maybe a pump in the near future...these replacements have been a "piece of cake" to change out. But having said that, you shouldn't have to live in dread making 2 to 3 lattes every day! I think you probably like the quick warm up that a saturated group provides, and since you like darker roasts, preinfusion is overkill. Since you also like milk drinks steam pressure is a must have. For these reasons, I would lean toward an LMLM. The price is steep, but it's a gem of a machine for medium-dark roasted beans, with Italian build quality, and so much more.

just my two cents. Try to enjoy the journey toward your forever espresso machine.

Bob "hello darkness my old friend..I've come to drink you once again"

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Definitely appreciate the 2 cents. The only reason I'm trying really hard to not be done with it is the $ it's just a lot to swallow but on the flip side throwing it into this unit I lost all faith in the made in China nonsense. Believe it or not I went through probably 3 or 4 send backs of the very original unit for a variety of issues which resulted in a replacement that ended up being brand new unit since they had no reverbs at the time and I lost my cool. This one went in once within the first year I believe right as the pandemic hit. I don't mind DIY but I'm not even sure what this would be although from sound of it may be triac board?

Regardless as you said I shouldn't have to wonder if it will steam my milk or just heat it up. For over 1k I'd expect the usual wear and tear but they don't even make it self service able.

Lmlm is great but weird they dropped stainless and raising prices next month?