Timemore Nano versus 1Zpresso Q2 for backpacking & travel

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Hi, I'm searching for a new compact hand grinder for backpacking & travel to replace my worn out Porlex. I'll be using it for Aeropress, Clever Dripper & Pour Over and have narrowed it down to either the Timemore Nano or 1Zpresso Q2 as both will fit in the barrel of an Aeropress.

I was wondering if anybody had experience with either or both of these & could comment on how they stack up against each other? I'm leaning towards the Q2 at the moment but could be swayed either way. Cheers


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I heard that Q2 makes better coffee + it should last you longer. Additionally you may find a heptagonal version of Q2 on AliExpress. People say it is comparable to Comandante. Unfortunately I did not know that when I ordered my Q2 from 1zpresso - they only sell a pentagonal version in US. The pentagonal version is not bad, but I kinda like grind from my Vario better. Any Q2 version is awesome for travel - I can't take Vario anywhere far from the countertop :)

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It's bigger, but the OE Fixie is probably lighter at only 320 grams, 350 if you bring the case with the adjusters. And every time I pick it up, I smile, things that big should not weigh that little. The wonders of carbon fiber and titanium.

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Thank you. My thoughts were also that the Q2 was the better quality of the two & seems to be a good performer. I've found a heptagonal version on aliexpress should I go down that route. I have heard from a UK supplier that there is a new version of the Q series being released around August so I might hold out to see what that is like.

The OE fixie looks like a nice grinder. one of my requirements was that it would fit in the aeropress barrel to make a compact setup for backpacking & the fixie is a bit wide for that

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There is no way it will fit, but when I last was backpacking, 1966 or so, weight was more important than space and this might be lighter. If you leave off the catch cup and grind directly into the filter. It's actually better than I thought if you remove the handle. Here's what it looks like in the Aeropress handle, just the catch cup sticks out.


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I have NO experience with Timemore. I have a Q2 pent. I think it is a nice travel grinder. The quality is good, it is a very nice cup-I've used it for Aeropress and pour over. The quibbles I have are very minor and are probably a result of my other hand grinder being a K-Max. TBH as I age I find the whole ultralight thing more appealing. If I was going out by myself I might leave any grinder at home. If I'm going out with a group the Q2 is coming, pretty sure the K-max will never see the trail.

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Ah I see interesting. :idea: Thanks for taking the time to take a picture

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Yeah The K-max looks like a very very good grinder. Quite tempted to get one to use at home or if I'm away for a trip in my little van.


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See my travel rig and some relevant comments here: Best Hand Grinder For A Picopresso?



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I bought a Q2 to replace my Porlex for my Aeropress travel rig. It's hard to beat the weight and size of a mini Porlex but it's kind of a piece of junk. Fortunately the Aeropress is tolerant of an imperfect grind. And the Porlex does better with a fine grind, and that's okay with an Aeropress too.

Still, I've been thinking for a long time about a replacement and the Q2 is a good one. I'm very happy with it. The only minor complaint is that they didn't use a particularly grippy material on the side so the grinder is a little bit slippery. I fitted mine with a wide silicone band but that makes it too large to fit in the Aeropress. So I remove it for travel and pull it onto the grinder when I'm ready to make coffee. I'm tempted to cut away the 1Zpresso material but a little hesitant for fear I will just make a mess of it.

I looked at the Timemore and thought it was just bigger but not better in any other way. And the Fixe, as cool an idea as it is, is just too klunky. I don't know why OE makes all their grinders so big. Is it just because Doug has big hands or something? It is 50g lighter than the Q2. But if weight is the main thing than get another Porlex. It's 100g lighter than a Fixe.