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Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

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The OP definitely needs to upgrade with THAT kind of weekly volume!! I don't, but I want to anyway so I'm going to keep an eye on this thread.

I started with the smaller Fresh Roast (can't remember the model right now) and "upgraded" to the 800 as well. It's a competent roaster but I feel like it was easier to work wtih the first one. It's hard to hear the second crack on my Brazilian beans and I end up burning them too often.

I too am ready for what comes next. I was considering a Gean Cafe roaster but those seem to have fallen out of favor so I'm going to do some research on the Aillio Bullet mentioned here.


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YIKES!!! Am I reading that right about the Aillio Bullet? $3500? That's about FIVE TIMES what I'm prepared to pay for a home roaster! WOW.

I don't know about the OP but I'd like to hear about the models priced with THREE digits, not FOUR! What's good these days?


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There's absolutely nothing WRONG with the Fresh Roast SR800 w/extended roast chamber. As long as you don't think you are getting a drum roaster.

I roast 10 oz. batches back to back with an empty chamber cool down between each roast. Up to 6 roasts in a sitting with no problems.


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So is what you're saying if I am happy with the volume, I won't gain anything from an upgrade from the SR800?

Capuchin Monk

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ShotPull wrote: I won't gain anything from an upgrade from the SR800?
That depends on what you upgrade to. If electric or gas heated drum roaster with variable RPM, heat and exhaust, of course you will gain a lots of fine tunable features which is a good thing for better roasts.


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ShotPull wrote:So is what you're saying if I am happy with the volume, I won't gain anything from an upgrade from the SR800?
What I am saying is if you are happy with the coffee you are roasting on your SR800, you don't NEED to upgrade. It would be nice to be able to roast a kilo at a time, but in reality, it would only save me 1/2 hour every other week or so.

I don't NEED to upgrade, but I probably will end up with a drum roaster sometime in the future. It's just my nature to want what I don't have.

mbg (original poster)

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Still looking for a new roaster. The SR800 is still going strong. I still do 5 back-back roasts in it with 2 cool down cycles since I cool my beans in a separate chiller. I have found that with the extension 9oz. works best. If I go to 10oz. it's more difficult to control the roast for me.

The suggestion of getting a second SR800 never crossed my mind but might be an excellent solution. I do have two separate circuit 20A outlets. But:
  • In the winter I'm under the range hood. Wonder if it can handle two roasters.
    I like using Artisan software. Wonder if I monitor one roast if I can adjust both based on one roast reading?


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As an aside it would be interesting to see how close two sr800's are at the same settings.