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Good morning! I have been reading the forums & got some valuable info. I started my journey a few years ago with the Gaggia Classic Pro & Eureka Facile grinder. Now wanting to upgrade. After researching, I plan to go with the La Marcozzo Micra. I drink a couple of caps & espressos during the day and I wanted to get input on the grinder itself. Will it do justice for the Micra or should I upgrade the grinder first. Thanks for any feedback. BTW, I am leaning towards the white or red Micra.


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Welcome to H-B!

When I tried the Micra that was on loan from La Marzocco, I found it very forgiving. I was getting very good shots with contemporary "espresso" blends and an Option-O Lagom Mini. That is probably a better grinder than your Facile, but it suggests that you will be able to get very good results with the Facile.

Push comes to shove, moving on from the Facile will probably improve your espresso. How much will depend a lot on the overall quality of the beans you're using and their roast level as well as what your preferences are in the cup. Lavazza and its ilk seem to me to be much less likely to benefit than other options, even if staying with traditional Italian-style blends. It will also matter if you decide you want to change beans regularly, where a single-dosing grinder can be beneficial.

I think I would enjoy making espresso more with the Micra and the Facile than I would with the Gaggia and, say, a P64. Since I would enjoy the process more, the result at the end would be more satisfying.

On the other hand, La Marzocco just updated the Linea Mini with a functional change to how its preinfusion works. The Micra would also benefit from such a change, in my opinion. Then again, the Micra came out relatively recently, so any refresh may be years off.

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Thanks for the reply! The info is very helpful and confirms my upgrade. I do not usually change beans & use medium roast beans. However, I would like to try some other bean options once I upgrade my espresso machine. The new Mini looks awesome & I thought about it but the smaller size would fit better. Plus I am not pulling more than a couple of shots in my home setting. I am looking for a machine that will serve me many years ahead.