Thoughts on the Mazzer Mini Filter

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by overeasy »

Hello all, I need to buy a grinder for v60 at my cafe and I have been thinking about the Mazzer Mini Filter. Somebody suggested me the Mahlkonig GH2, but they don't ship it to my region. So, looking for advice on the Mazzer and other recommendations. Thanks a lot.


#2: Post by jpsm » replying to overeasy »

I've seen some smaller cafes in my area use a sette 270 and it pretty much does the job. Maybe take a look at vario bg? People seem to be a fan of that and i've seen cafes on instagram use 3 of them at a time. Is your demand for v60/pourover in the cafe pretty high? Do you sell beans as well? If that is the case then maybe consider an ek43? If demand is low maybe a hand grinder will do the job? Just my 2c