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#1: Post by Bar »

I want to stay of the busy freeway with my humble little post. I am a newbie that needs to get a 53m dosing funnel and tamper since the Breville Impress with the built in tamper does not perform well.

I dont care too much about looks as I am saving my money for a grinder.

Any suggestions appreciated.


#2: Post by jgood »

Orphan Espresso has funnels and tampers -- no experience with the tampers, but the stainless steel funnel is excellent and very fairly priced. I would see if they have a tamper to fit -- they're reasonably priced. I have a slightly more expensive Cafelat tamper which is very good.

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#3: Post by cafeIKE »

Amazon has plenty of Chinese parts


#4: Post by Quester »

There are some self-leveling 53mm tampers on Amazon for just over $10 and some dosing funnels for under $10.

As I remember, a 53.5mm dosing funnel works well with the Breville.