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Here you go.

12units 60CC Empty Jars Glass

Stainless Steel Test Tube Rack


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cafeIKE wrote:¿Que?
Every coffee is different and coffees change with time. If I grind ¼ tick coarser and add 0.5g, the basket fill is different.
You are of course correct and I did realize that. I deal with the differences in uncompressed grind volume with different grind settings for the same weight of the same or even a different coffee by: 1) not scraping of the dose that goes into the basket (so as not to change the weight); and, 2) having the distribution face of the gadget dialed it to level the puck just a bit above the "fill level" and setting the tamper face to get it very close to the final fill level.

I do know that this will cause a bit of variability in the compression of the grinds in the formation of the puck. I dealt with that by setting the two faces at positions that (from trial and error) gave an acceptable extraction for most coffees that I use. This is possible because the fact is that there is a considerable range in acceptable puck tamping pressure above the minimal pressure needed to form a puck.

My system seems to work well, provided I don't make significant (say +/- 0.5gm or more) changes the weight of the coffee I put in the basket.

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I recently received a WDT tool that is a computer keycap puller with the prongs cut. Guessing maybe 60% of each prong. Works best of any I have tried.


Amazon for $7

But a friend swears by these stuck in a wine cork: Hestya 10 Pack 0.4 mm Drill Bits for 3D Printer Nozzle Cleaning Kit Stainless Steel Nozzle Cleaning Tool Kit
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I was also searching for a tamper and I've been through half a dozen WDT tools, But I've been very satisfied with this tamper by this company in Australia called Eazytamp and a wdt tool I got Amazon. The temper is so easy to use you get a perfect Puck every time, I'm the WDT tool the rods are very thin but not toothing where it can break easily.


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If you want the best or nothing !!!!!!!!

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M997 wrote:image
If you want the best or nothing !!!!!!!!
Am I reading this correctly? €990???? WTF??? That is insane. Well, I suppose if I had about $50 million I wouldn't mind spending that for a friggin' tamper.

To OP:
I think any decently weighted tamper is sufficient, but I'd recommend a self-leveling one. I have the Kafatek LevTamp, but there are other good designs, and you've already gotten some good recommendations there. Like some others have said, if you have a good WDT tool, and use it well, you can forget about getting a wedge tool. The best one I've used to date is the LeverCraft Ultra one. However, Sheldon Wong's (SWorksdesign) looks just as good, and Kafatek is coming out with a similar one "soon" too. That said, many people have made their own using 0.4mm acupuncture needles and a wine cork.

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emradguy wrote:Am I reading this correctly? €990???? WTF??? That is insane. Well, I suppose if I had about $50 million I wouldn't mind spending that for a friggin' tamper.
I think that's the special price they charge the DoD... :twisted: