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M997 wrote:My final thoughts.
P.S. I was also considering XLVI STH9 but doesn't have pressure profiling. XLVI machines are very Hi End and I will try one after VBM.
You went a completely different way than suggested, and at least you gave me one new info...this XLVI STH9, and company in general is amazing!
I wish you a good time end espresso with VBM. When you get it, share some experience.
This beautiful machines from XLVI are just a hidden treasure!
With customisable machine designs.
You did a great job with your own research.

Play fast with VBM and go as soon as possible to STH9 :)
Pity that Sanremo doesn't have a Racer with one group, that would also be nice :)

Good luck!

M997 (original poster)

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Hi, Espressoman007)) yes, XLVI is outstanding equipment, enjoy))
Will write my feelings from VBM no doubt))