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Just wanted to add. I reckon Decent machines are seriously overpriced. However LM, Slayer,WA and others so called Hi-End are as well.


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M997 wrote:Will have a look, thanks. Interesting what Decent can do that VBM super electronic can't :?:
Both machines have detailed reviews on this very site, have a read of both and I'm sure you get answers to most comparative questions you can think of.

As HB mentions, Decent ship worldwide, so there shouldn't be any problems getting one in the EU other than waiting for them to make you one.

I'm not sure why you feel they are overpriced. They are expensive machines, but there are no other machines that are capable of doing what they can do. If you are specifically looking for 'today's most advanced espresso machine' unfortunately this is how much it costs. I would suggest they're actually very good value compared to something like a Linea Mini or a Slayer.

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Decent isn't overpriced. Robot is awesome value. I like mine both!

For me the sweet spot are the many many espresso machines built for home use, avoiding the commercial ones.


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I believe that the Decent is priced to make a profit for the company and pay some talented employees, and i am not sure that Decent has made much of a profit yet. Decent had a lengthy R&D where they must have been making no money at all. Most espresso machines can be made with existing off the shelf hardware and even electronics, but the Decent is new from the ground up. So that explains the high price. It is more difficult to justify the high price of a commercial quality Italian non-propietary tech (e61) machine. I know the one I own, an older version of the La Valentina, the Valentina lists for about 3000 USD and the wholesale price is about 1600. By the way, you might be able to buy one from Grimac Royal Falcon for that price, as they were willing to sell one to me. That price suggests a commercial quality hx machine with no bells and whistles costs about 1000 to import?

M997 (original poster)

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Decent is 18-20% more expensive in EUR around +900 USD
Thanks to all))

M997 (original poster)

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BTW can somebody explain why Decent weights only 13 kg? My pod coffee machine weights close to 13kg as well. Surprised :roll:

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Flash heaters and no heavy E61 group head.

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M997 (original poster)

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Sounds reasonable, rocket r9 almost 50 kg , iron cube :D

M997 (original poster)

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Looking at Decent I'm thinking about Tesla no reasons why and may be apple iphone iPad may be tech design?

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Decent started by asking the question, "what is espresso?" Then they wondered given todays technology and starting from scratch, what's the best way to make espresso. Then they built what they considered the best answer to the question. What they ended up with is a machine that seemingly can duplicate essentially any shot from any other machine and do things other machines can only dream of. If that is of interest and you can get over the it's tiny and light and uses a tablet, there is no other choice today. If you can find the very old, very long, original Decent thread and read it you will understand more about the process that john went through developing the machine. Not that current one that's basically turned into ads for Johns never ending videos and Zoom calls. I think this might be the thread and it might not get really interesting till half way through:

Decent Espresso Machine