Super high end single group espresso machine?

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#1: Post by culturesub »

I'm looking at a set up for a cocktail bar, and can't decide between a mod bar or mavam under counter or something just really beautiful and unique? Any suggestions?

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#2: Post by Jeff »

Patrik Rolf (April) uses Modbar in at least one of his cafes.

Locally, KvdW machines have a strong visual and following both.

There's the LM Leva and new/forthcoming Strada as well

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Well that's simple for me. A KvdW Speedster Idromatic! :mrgreen:

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#4: Post by Mat-O-Matic »

Everything mentioned is great. A single group Slayer could fit the bill.
Perhaps not 'super high end' but certainly capable of making excellent espresso, what about the vintage refurbished machines from 50's, 60's? One can find beautiful restorations of absolutely stunning machines, usually with helpful contemporary upgrades like auto boiler refill. Faema makes new/old-style Legends.
Levers are inherently conversation pieces, and there are options like copper Victoria Arduinos and the handmade Pull machines (two cafes near me have and love the Pulls). Also small batch, exclusive machines like Lapera.
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#5: Post by bongani »

Look at the Synesso Hydra and Mavam Mach2. Both are solid performers and I suspect meet your Super High-End spec. Also, whilst not as stratospheric in price as the two, the GS3 punches in the same category and leaves you with money to get a top notch grinder - and maybe a decent capacity shop roaster.

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Has the pitcher riser built into the drip tray as well.
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#7: Post by yakster »

Leva X

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BaristaBoy E61 wrote:Well that's simple for me. A KvdW Speedster Idromatic! :mrgreen:


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#9: Post by erik82 »

What's not super hig-end about a KdW? There one of the top brands in the business and deliver superb espresso. A KvdW is just as high-end as a Leva X or Slayer. I've had some of my best shots ever from a KvdW.

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#10: Post by mrgnomer »

Modbar looks like a well designed system.
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