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La Marzocco Strada x1 or whatever it is called. definitely a super high end single group machine - 20k when it is released.

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I would like to say some things about the uniqueness of the Speedster that is unknown till you have one at home and have the opportunity to use it and take care of it for a while.

There are many things that have no effect on what's in the cup but contribute immeasurable joy and pleasure in its use. Take a look at the attached image and note how the drip tray appears paper thin and 'floats' above the counter. It always cleans up super fast - super clean with very little effort, probably because there are no 90˚ joints, which is something since it's non-detachable without tools.

Another unexpected joy is the ease of function of its 'Ferrari' like gated gear shift brew lever that despite it being on the right hand side of the machine, is designed and engineered to be operated just as easily with either hand, in any function - That came as a complete surprise! The machine will never interrupt and ruin a shot in progress with a call to fill the steam boiler so no need to activate the hot water spigot to trigger a steam boiler fill pre-shot to ensure it won't happen intra-shot, unless you just want to heat up a cup with either boiling water or 'mixed' temperature boiler water. Once begun, it still won't ruin a shot.

In a word, in every way, the machine is 'smooth' but don't mistake that for not being muscular at the same time. It's never tentative, all its actions are definitive and quite deliberate. You can tell that by the sound of its operation; it has its own 'note' for everything it does. It can stand up to all comers - regardless of what you'd like to compare it to (except for size). :mrgreen:

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