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#1: Post by airmoses83 »

So this is a long time coming, i could only put up the good fight for so long. The wife will never be able to use my Londinium R no matter how much i try and teach her. So i may have to part ways with it and replace it with a super automatic.

Any recommendations on super automatics? I need one with a hot water function, i drink mostly espresso and hardly ever milk based drinks. Since i will pretty much be pretty much using the money from my LR and grinder i can go pretty high on price of a new machine.


#2: Post by daphne »

Here's how you might be able to pull it off

No1: use a coffee blend. No more finnicky single origins. blends are super easy to dial in and very forgiving. maybe even something with robusta if she's into that
No2: that may be all that is needed really
No3: if not then add a Puqpress for Tamping. You've basicially got yourself an automatic espresso maker as long as you're the one dialling in the shots
No4: if steaming is a problem then add a Nespreso milk frother. pretty decent and you'll be still able to use the steam wand
No5: if all of the above doesnt work then keep the Londinium and add a small Nepresso machine
No 6: if nothing works divorce might be inevitable



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I have had a Jura S8 for many, many years without too much trouble. I had to send it in for service a few months ago and I bought a Breville Bambino to provide espresso while the Jura was away for service. I was blown away by how much better the coffee was from the tiny little Bambino. I still haven't gone back to the Jura just because I can't bring myself to give up the superior coffee that the Bambino makes. Still, the Jura S8 is a good, reliable machine if you need a Super Automatic.

airmoses83 (original poster)

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I have a niche zero dialed in and only use a leveler no tamping and i use a screen in the portafilter. Still with all that she cant remember how to do it. Says "to many step". And never remembers to empty the portafilter.

Dont know whats cheaper divorce or buying another machine. Gonna have yo talk to the accountant lol

airmoses83 (original poster)

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Was looking at the jura z10


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I'm afraid you will be pretty disappointed with the espresso you get from a superautomatic compared to a real one.
Superautomatics have their sweet spot at longer drinks with about 120ml and coarser ground coffee.
The Jura Z10 won't mkae you happy since you mentioned you need milk drinks only rarely. I would go for a machine which is not primarily made for milk drinks, something like a Jura E8. Machines like the Z10 will usually need more care and maintenance.
I personally prefer Delonghi machines since they can grind finer and dose higher which gives you something closer to espresso.
There is also the Quickmill line of superautomatics which do real espresso. The 5000 series has a metal brew unit doing espresso in a traditional way. But you have to dial in grind size and dose more thoroughly since it has no pressurized system, i. e. Only the puck will build resistance. You will get real espresso though ;)

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Before i go super auto, i may try and get a non lever machine and see if i can try and teach her again. The lever is just way to much for her.


#8: Post by Milligan »

Is she dead set on needing espresso but not willing to put in the effort? Maybe just the Keurig with the mild frother option is all she needs? Or Nespresso, but they can get pricey on the pods.


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You'll lose more in resale of the machine than a Nespresso costs and . . . .no offense but she might deserve a Nespresso. Keep your machine get DW a Nespresso for her she shed.

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#10: Post by ShotClock »

Nespresso is the perfect solution here imo - there's actually a pretty wide variation in pods, and some of them are fairly drinkable considering. Also, cheap as chips to give it a try, compared with a superauto. Having drunk a depressing amount of superauto coffee in hotels, i haven't found it to be any better than Nespresso, i just assume it's cheaper for the hotel than buying pods by the ton.