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airmoses83 wrote:I cant do nespresso, the coffee isnt good and the running cost on it is expensive. I would rather purchase a quality machine with some residual value. I may take a day trip up to Chris coffee and take the monza for a test drive.
I'm a bit confused. We were suggesting nespresso for your wife and you keep your machine.

airmoses83 (original poster)

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I can allow a nespresso on my counter


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I do not know anything about super auto machine, so I cannot provide any advice on that :). One option is to also get a Robot or other manual lever machine. You can still enjoy very good espresso and the lever experience.


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To provide better advice, it might be helpful to understand what is the problem with the Londinium/Niche solution you have ?
Is it for instance related to the whole process (do you need a one button solution, or are some intermediate solutions acceptable), puck preparation/consistency, fear of the lever, lack of physical strength, need for a low maintenance solution; etc ?

The Breville/Sage Oracle might solve some of the issues at stake while preserving the ability to make traditional espresso... a conventional pump machine, possibly with volumetric or timed delivery might solve a smaller set of issues...
Check the website in my contact info for ACS Vesuvius Evo Leva (Unofficial) FAQ