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Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.
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MTN Gert

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After re reading the thread I would say I would recommend

-DE1 for stability and repeatability and be OK with the techie experience

-La Spaziale Vivaldi for stability and repeatability but be OK with no flow control

-save up for a high end flow control machine like a GS3mp or slayer

I think the other options will need flushing, temp surfing, lack stability or have some issues to be worked out like the lelit Bianca
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ppaolo2 (original poster)

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I think it's time to start saving then :D

Or take a better look at the strietman

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ppaolo2 (original poster)

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Hello again, I spent some time looking around and I came across the londinium r24. The machine still has steam and water tap, it's a lever machine but the description claims that the brew temp is stable even if kept on all day long, needs no flushing and is able to easily do medium dark roasts and lighter roasts at the desired rate of 1:2 on 18g 58mm basket. It has pressure profiling too.
Also it looked like it needs basic maintenance and has easy repairability.
What are your thoughts on this machine? Extractions looked delicious on some videos I came across in this forum.

Team HB

#34: Post by Jeff »

I would read through the Levers sub-forum, with threads like The Londinium R24 loaded with information and opinions.

Side note: Taste matters far beyond how a shot looks. I'm not suggesting anyone did this, but I can make most any machine look good with an overstuffed basket of robusta-rich coffee.