Stupid Question? Eureka Mignon Specialita v Atom 60e

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#1: Post by KentuckyFriedCrypto »

Yep, it's probably a stupid question but I have a choice between getting a new Specialita or a used Atom 60e. The Atom hasn't had much use and looks in excellent condition. I'm new to espresso, having only my Aeropress and Mokapot thus far, and am about to purchase a Lelit Elizabeth. So, I must find a grinder. Height isn't an issue. Is this a no-brainer or is there some consideration warranted?


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Not a stupid question at all. It's part of the path we all take. Honestly, If you think you will start single dosing when you get your Lelit, I would look around on Etsy to see if you can find mods for the Atom. For the Mignon, there are lots. If you go with the Mignon reach out to me and I will recommend an HB member in Sacramento that makes a great single dose hoper and bellows.

In case you haven't seen this thread over at coffee snobs one of the members decided to go back to the Specialita from the Atom. ... gn-and-ace
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