Stovetop steamer brand question

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#1: Post by monkeygrinder »

Hello, new to the site, although I've read some of the great content here for a while now. I'm not a brewing expert, but love to make lattes so am getting more into it.

My current setup is just a Flair hand espresso press, a very nice hand grinder (Helor), a coffee roaster, and an Aerolatte whisk. The latter doesn't really make microfoam, so for a long time I've wanted to get something that can. Don't have a lot of counter space or want to spend mega-$ on a fancy machine, so I looked into the Bellman 50ss steamer, which looked perfect.

However, right now it seems everyone is out of stock of the Bellman. One vendor told me they are backordered because the manufacturer is trying to produce more, estimated to be available sometime in June. Then I stumbled on a place selling a steamer on Ebay and marketed by La Pavoni, which looks IDENTICAL to the Bellman, and even has the same model number (50ss).

Does anyone know if La Pavoni re-brands equipment like this, or if those two steamers are the same thing? I did call the reseller, and they confirmed the steam wand has two holes like the Bellman.


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#2: Post by SteveRhinehart »

If the seller is European Gift & Housewares I don't think it's actually a La Pavoni rebrand, I think it's just how they're marketing the listing. A review on the Amazon listing for a "La Pavoni" steamer notes that there is no LP branding on the product at all. ... 0016OOEZG/

I can't confidently say that it will be a Bellman, but it sure looks like one to me.


#3: Post by monkeygrinder »

Thanks Steve. The one I saw is here, from a different seller in New York:

I actually went ahead and ordered it, so we'll see what happens.