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Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.
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I suspect the Kafatek grinders for sale are driven in part by people looking to upgrade to a new model, the MC5 or the new Max 2.

Members in the Kafatek forum predicted that there would be a big uptick in used models for sale when the new versions came out. Also, I've seen many people (who must have plenty of disposable income) buy multiple versions of Kafatek grinders (conical and Flat) and keep the one they prefer.

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kpoz wrote:You could ask the same question about Kafatek grinders, which currently account for three of the four most recent posts in the Buy/Sell forum. Perhaps the increased cost didn't justify the marginal improvement in cup quality for those individuals. Or maybe they decided the expense was too great given their income and regular expenses.
A lot of the Kafatek's that go up for sale are people who have another Kafatek on order, it defs draws the upgradeitis crowd. I have 2 of them myself, a conical from 2018 after it went lockless and a MAX I just got end of last year. I could see poeple getting in over their head on the MAX, it is a lot of money, I do think they seem worth it compared to other high end stuff I've had. Consistency is key for me and it's not something my Mahlkoenig Vario or Niche can provide, I actually was really disappointed by how inconsistent the inter-shot times were on the Niche