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ChadTheNomad wrote: I know nothing about the Max Hybrid, but the Versalab M3 really excites me for some reason.
I've had the Versalab for over 3 years and it continues to excite me. No retained grinds, very even distribution, no clumping. It is relatively quiet and has a small footprint. If you go through the list of things that people compensate for on other grinders, they don't exist on the Versalab because it was designed to overcome those limitations. Versalab is a small company. I note that people wait a conderable length of time to get product. But I have had very good customer service from the folks at Versalab.
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I'd be curious to know whether the OP roasts his own beans, buys the flagship espresso blends, or buys the high-end microlots offered by the well-respected artisanal roasters. If not buying high-end microlots, I'd be inclined to recommend those special beans before recommending a new grinder. Coffee quality might jump an order or magnitude for an additional $15 per month.