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#11: Post by Bluenoser »

You should post in the Lever section of this newsgroup as I don't have any experience with electric levers.. just what I read. So really out of my element.

I don't think you need the smart profiler.. that is a luxury..

A few years ago I was considering the Londinium, but got a manual and found it did most of what I wanted.. and with the steam wand of my HX I have all I need for right now.

The Argos is a total unknown. My engineering background has shown me that the 3rd version of anything is what you want.. The Argos has yet to have version 1.. So I put no stock in the Argos yet.. Many people are hoping it will be great.. but it is unproven yet and might still be a while before version 1 gets shipped. So I wouldn't consider that now.

The LaPavoni, I think, is expensive for what it is.. Look at some online reviews of the LaCremina.. I think James Hoffmann did one..

If you are looking levers you really want to talk in the Lever forum.. wwaaaayyy more knowledge & experience than I have in that..


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For me and my preferences, an espresso machine doesn't do anything for me in my morning brew. I use a 10 cup moka pot with a medium espresso bean to give me the quantity and quality of hit for my morning jolt. The 10 cup pot makes roughly 500 ml (2 cups) of coffee.

I do like the espresso machine in the afternoon. The machine is good enough to produce 2 - 4 cups of espresso/milk in its single tank capacity. I have not bought a milk frother but if I do it will either be the Breville frother which many like or the Bellman steam frother heated up on a stove. I would use one of these devices if I had company out and I wanted to bang out milk based espresso drinks.


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You can get a Quick Mill 0961 steamer to match very nicely with the Carola Evo, but you'll have to pay (a lot) for it. Alternatively get a Breville Bambino or a De Longhi Dedica with an after market steam tip and you'd be able to steam and brew at the same time for a fraction of the price.