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#31: Post by coopachris »

I own a Pro 300 and am very happy with it. Not sure how brew boiler pressure is adjusted on other machines but, this one does required you to take off some of the outer paneling, not difficult by any means just a little time consuming.

Only downside I see of the 300 is lack of preinfusion so, I do not do many light roasts. It is built like tank and has been nothing but reliable for me.

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#32: Post by GregoryJ »

Arafel wrote: and it it's easier to adjust the brew boiler pressure in the 600 than the 300, though you can still do so in the 300
I think you mean steam boiler pressure, right?

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#33: Post by Arafel » replying to GregoryJ »

I think it's the brew boiler. It requires you to take off a panel. In the 600 it's accessible on the front.

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#34: Post by GregoryJ » replying to Arafel »

Oh I see, I think you're talking about the over pressure valve. This is not the brew boiler pressure, but does determine the maximum brewing pressure.