So I want an Olympia Cremina and paired grinder

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

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Hello to all,

Looking for some help and direction. I am more proficient in roasting beans than making a good cup of coffee. I am trying to take the next step.

I have roasted beans for the past 15 years using the hottop. Currently we use the Jura Z9, wife's machine, as the primary coffee maker.

But I always wanted a dedicated espresso machine.

So I think the Olympia Cremina is the direction I would like to venture in.

But I am not sure of the right grinder to pair with.

Please, provide input into grinder (Niche, Ceado etc) selection would be so helpful.

I am open to budget, and I really think a Super Jolly would be the biggest in size that I could accommodate.

I have lurked so long on this forum and thank everyone in our coffee enjoyment journey.

Have a great day,


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Hi Dale, welcome to HB and I'm just a few miles South of you in Palm Coast these days, and I'm using my Cremina and Kafatek Conical daily until I get into my new home and get all my machines set up.

I have a couple of ideas to offer since it sounds like you haven't ventured from using your Jura from what I read. A good option before buying an expensive machine like a Cremina is to get a Cafelat Robot and try your hand at a direct lever to see how you like that method of making espresso. The Cremina does have a learning curve and takes temp management where actually I think the Robot is a bit easier to begin with.

Really your post reads that you are selecting a grinder to match with a Cremina and that decision is more relevant to the type and roast level of the beans you prefer.

The Niche would be a very good choice for beans in the near medium roast level and darker. If you aren't into going very light such as filter level roasts a Conical is a good choice and some more expensive options are the new Weber Key, and the Kafatek MC4. There are plenty of topics that help you understand what advantages you get going to these more expensive ones, larger burrs being one of them.

Feel free to contact me via PM if you'd like to meet up some time and you can try my Cremina and grinder & just help answer other questions you may have.

swosanity (original poster)

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Thanks so much for the reply. I will look into your recommendations.

Also I am heading your way this afternoon. Flagler Palm Coast High school has a wrestling tournament starting today. :D

swosanity (original poster)

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I purchased the Robot, it should arrive next week I hope. And I also purchased the Niche and that will arrive in March.

Now I am considering the Lelit Bianca espresso machine. Doing more research on that option.


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What made you decide to steer away from the Cremina? I had settled on the Bianca after much turmoil but am having second guesses. The Cremina just speaks to me in its simplicity. Robot should be fun!

My Niche Zero is on order as well. :) March can't come soon enough!

swosanity (original poster)

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It boiled down to what comes first not necessarily steering away. Cremina is still on my bucket list.

So I took the suggestion to play with the robot first and go full steam ahead with the Lelit Bianca in interim.


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swosanity wrote:full steam ahead with the Lelit Bianca in interim.
I see what you did there! Thanks for the response. Enjoy the journey!


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This may interest you: [FS] 2009 Cremina, gray


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Yes, congratulations on the process!

The Cremina is so simple and it teaches you a lot about extraction and preinfusion. It's also ridiculously clean to operate (no solenoid valve to drop water into the driptray, no flushing routine like an HX).
I frequently switch between the Cremina and my HX pump machine. My takeaway has been that the pump (Olympia Maximatic) is more convenient in some ways and makes it easy to pull back to back shots with no concern about temperature. But if I want to put in some care, the Cremina is more versatile and can produce better shots.