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Also tempted to purchase too... Curious to know how much people from the UK have been stung on importing fees?

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SutterMill wrote:If you decide to keep the Sette 30 around as a backup I'd highly recommend buying the 270 ring for it. For $90 you'll be able to fine tune it much easier and get close to Niche flavor. Great for medium/dark chocolate bomb roasts.

Look forward to seeing the comparison.
yes i do have 270 ring forgot to mention it. :)
and i'll keep this machine


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JA92 wrote:Also tempted to purchase too... Curious to know how much people from the UK have been stung on importing fees? Do Lagom declare the true value of the grinder or is it understated?
Are you asking if Option-O commits tax evasion on the customer's behalf?


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tkbarista0230 wrote:yea that's most of review said that darker roast isn't shiny part of p100 but since I'm upgrading from sette30 so hope it's make better to dark thick chocolate bean too. :) but yes I tried light roast on espresso first time and was like new world of taste lol. even with sette 30.
Well I would not be sure about that thickness you are looking forward to. P100 is an extraction monster true dark roast will be extracted in a very small amount of time... If you want thick short espresso from the dark roast you simply do not buy 98mm flat.

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yea I aware that p100 isn't best for dark roast. I keep sette 30 or may be get niche or 64mm flat burr for dark roast future but would like to explore with p100 light to dark bean espresso.
any recommendation for dark roast?


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I am sure someone from the USA can chip in. In Singapore, we have a wonderful Roundboy roasters, they really know what are they doing when they roast their medium-dark and dark roasts but yeah pretty far away from Brooklyn :)


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tkbarista0230 wrote:Hi
I'm with sette 30 and Flair pro 2 and was debating which one upgrade first or both with 3k budget.
I almost pulled trigger pro 600 with atom 75 (which also decent set up) but I really want single dose grinder.
so I decided to get decent and never need upgrade grinder first. :) I drink medium roast espresso most of tine but love to explore light roast.
Hope I made good decision. pro 600 probably next year.
Coild i ask how much were you charged for shipping to the US? I assume iy is being shipped from melbourne so the shipping cost is a concern...
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The website says the P100 ships from Shenzhen:

When you go to checkout, you can see the shipping charges to US, $245 for air freight, $279 for expedited. Then I'd set aside another 6-7% for import duties.