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I'm not sure why you would single dose a grind by weight grinder. The whole purpose of GBW is so that the grinder grinds your exact dose from a hopper that has more beans than one dose. If you plan on single dosing it, you are basically paying extra for a function you won't use.

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I like options. I'm worried about coffee going stale in a hopper and single dosing would eliminate that.

On the other hand wife would be much happier with hopper and automatic weighting.

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Something else to be mindful of is to choose a grinder that does not produce much or any static electricity. This might contribute to a messier work flow that would not be pleasant. It might be mitigated with RDT but that would be an extra step.
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Gargamel40 wrote:I like options. I'm worried about coffee going stale in a hopper and single dosing would eliminate that.

On the other hand wife would be much happier with hopper and automatic weighting.
How about his and her grinders? :D
Happy wife, happy life.

A more practical solution would be be for you to pre weigh all the doses that the two of you will need each week into bean tubes. That way all she has to do is grab a tube, empty it into your new SD grinder and grind away. Craig Lyn makes some nice BPA free plastic dose tubes with one way valves that can take a beating. They aren't quite as nice as Weber Workshops glass bean cellars but they are less expensive and do the job well.
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It's fairly easy for me to approximate how much to fill the Sette's hopper each morning for the 4 caps to be made that day.

Using a 15 gm dose in 15 gm basket, there is virtually no spillage grinding directly into the portafilter- I don't use a funnel.

I know I sound like an advertisement for the Sette 270wi, but for convenience, I do think it's stellar.


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That's what I do. Every morning I fill the hopper with about ~100g from a Fellow vacuum canister which also contains 200-300g. The rest is in the freezer. That way your beans never really exceed the 24h mark out in the open. Usually less than 8 hours tops.

Before I just filled the hopper with 200-300g, but on day 3-4 you already notice a significant dropoff which I don't like.
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Well, wife wants a better automatic machine like Gaggia Cardona or Jura e8. We mostly drink espresso, Americano and a little bit machiato (cappuccino is for guests).

And i want a good easy to use semi automatic that would beat automatic in espresso quality so wife would use it too.

Other option is buying automatic for every day use and lever espresso machine with handgrinder for weekend play time.


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Gargamel40 wrote:I'm really warming up for Baratza Sette 270wi.

It's got an easy removable hopper. It can single dose. It grinds directly to portafilter by accurate weight. I would use some sort of portafilter extra funnel to keep the counter clean.
I used a 270wi for a few years and ended up selling it to get a Niche Zero. The Sette is great when it's working, but my dad and I both had multiple grinders fully replaced by Baratza in the few years we had them. I never had mess issues, but the grinder is rather loud, which I wasn't a fan of.

At the time I had a 270wi and a Preciso to cover espresso and drip. I sold both and got the Niche and I'm very pleased with my decision.

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Gargamel40 wrote:I'm planning to buy up to 1500 eur espresso machine. And i decided i need to start with grinder first and buy a very good one so i won't have problems down the line.

I want a quality product that doesn't need modification to work properly, zero or very little retention. I plan to single dose the most but hopper option would be nice. I don't want mess on my counter and i want to have a perfect espresso grind. Budget would be up to 700 eur somewhere.

The more i read, less i know. Niche is ok, but not available, single dose only. Bezzera Sette 270wi looks nice, but quality is bad, single dosing a problem and it's very loud and makes a mess.
Eureka Mignon Spezialita is well build but not as good as others in the range for espresso? SIngle dosing a problem. Old design. I don't have a clue were does Mignon XL fit and if you can single dose it.

Others like DF64 have own problems, reliability issues, etc.

Did i miss something? Is there a go to grinder that simply does it very well every time, doesn't break, doesn't make a mess and can do single dosing or work with a hopper?
I have the the Vario (W model upgraded with Forte parts), DF64, Speciallita (55mm burrs), Ode and for a hand grinder I have the JMAX. I don't like the Speciallita because I find I need to grind near touch for espresso and it hasn't worked well for single dosing but you can mod it. I use the Ode and Vario for filter, I don't like them for espresso and the JMAX for travel or power outages with my picopresso.

I find I use the DF64 the most, where it's not the prettiest, it's the most enjoyable with work flow. I plan on getting the Niche as well and I think the niche will probably be the most enjoyable out of them all. (I have various projects that test these level of grinders for emerging markets)

The guys who make the DF64 also made a GBW grinder that looks like a glorified Speciallita called the ZF64 which might be to your liking. The Speciallita XL and SD models I believe have 65mm burrs but their burrs are limited and there's no SSP options for them. I would stick with a 64mm to have more options with different burrs like SSP. I find 64mm to be the most versatile size.

Another mention could be the Mahlkonig x54. 54mm is the burr size and it's the same as the Vario/Forte. There is no GBW option but it has a giant hopper and looks like a cafe grinder. But I would stick to the Vario between these or the model up the Forte. The Mahlkonig is for Mahlkonig fans and if you;re one then go ahead and get it.

I still probably will fall back on the DF64 because of the value you get for the price. But if you need a polished look get a niche.


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A few days worth of coffee beans in the small hopper will not get any more stale than if you stored them some other way. You may be over thinking this a bit.