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pizzaman383 wrote:The commercial spring lever group machines are fairly heavy so portability is questionable.
The La Pavoni's and Microcasa's are lighter and more portable. A machine like the Olympia Cremina might be more robustly commercial-looking, and still be reasonably portable, at least compared to the Synch...

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If you're willing to buy used, these two are currently for sale and likely meet your criteria.

[FS] Olympia Cremina 67

[FS] Pasquini G4 Espresso Machine (used) $900


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Olympia Cremina is quite light and small at 24lbs. A little pricey though.

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Randy G.

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The tablet does not have to be mounted to the machine or even turned on. The decent remembers the last used input. It connects by BT.
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Cafelat Robot!


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After about 1.5 years using Decent DE1PRO I could say nothing about it is "cheap". Sans your dual boiler requirement (which I didn't find annoying) it's a match.
    The travel suitcase is truly dope
      2-year warranty seems to be "no questions" asked type of a deal, just standard for fill and pic upload.

      I also cannot believe the cult of users around this machine and the lightning speed with which all my questions are addressed. Everything is ran via the Basecamp diaspora, some of the nicest human beings you'll meet in this world.

      For pricing concerns - I've noticed every now and then Decent will announce a need to get rid of some stock, not a super huge discount typically but still a very nice gesture to the community, check their sub-page here, their site and perhaps FB regularly.


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      zsiberian wrote:After about 1.5 years using Decent DE1PRO I could say nothing about it is "cheap".
      How about tablet (the basic control center of the machine), is that cheap? :roll:


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      Jeff wrote:I'm waiting for an Argos (paid preorder). If that fulfills reasonable expectations (it makes reasonable espresso and can make 2-4 shots in a row without jumping through thermal-management hoops), that seems like a good option as well.
      I'm looking forward to learning more about this from you. I've been very close to ordering.

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      Randy G.

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      kidloco wrote:How about tablet (the basic control center of the machine), is that cheap? :roll:
      It is a basic "economy" tablet but serves well. There were problems with batteries expanding and were, from all messages I read, taken care of by Decent. Mine is over a year old and no problem at all. I unplug the charging cable and just plug it back in for one day when the tablet is down to about 40% charge level. No problems otherwise. You can also download and install the entire software set and use any (android?) tablet you like.
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      You know that is a very good question, I'd be inclined to say the tablet is of an average quality. In fact, mine just developed a spot on the screen that began to bulge into a bigger one and I discovered this has to do with the battery - to my surprise, almost 2 years later the Decent team sent me a new one, no questions asked.

      I think this is the top example of support, not to mention the diaspora has come to my rescue many a times.