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ash4889 wrote:I like the monolith because of what I've read about it, But I saw the video this weekend of what it takes to clean one. So after viewing the video I'm going to go with the Langom P64, All those parts from the monolith would definitely be lost.
What video are you talking about? Don't get me wrong, get whatever grinder you want, but "hard to clean" isn't a criticism of a monolith that makes sense to me. I've had a monolith flat for 5 years. Everyday cleaning is slap the top of it with my hand to push any leftover coffee out, take off the magnetic spout and brush. Heck I don't even bother with taking the spout off half the time.

If you want to do a more thorough cleaning, you can take the upper burr carrier off with two fasteners. It takes more time to find my allen wrenches than it does to do the job. I've done that exactly twice in five years. It wasn't particularly dirty either time.

Maybe the video you saw was for replacing burrs? That's not something you would do routinely. Or necessarily ever.

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Nate42 wrote:What video are you talking about?
I'm guessing he saw the video of someone completely disassembling an MC4. Iirc, it was in arabic, so I had the sound off, and can only assume he was exploring all of the inner parts, to satisfy his curiosity. It certainly wasn't a routine cleaning, that's for sure. There were a lot of steps and parts to keep track of, if one were to do this, but's not needed to keep the grinder in top performance condition.

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No the video was in English I have been searching for it and I cannot find it for the life of me, But after reviewing it and see what was involved I said no definitely not for me. I don't mean the grinders not vantastic it means that I know myself, I looked at the other one and it looked so simple I said I can definitely maintain that 1.

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Well, then, as Nate said.... I don't know what you saw, but maintaining a Kafatek grinder is about as easy at it comes. They supply a bellows, and you simply puff it out a couple of times while it's running, then remove and brush out the exit chute (which is attached by rare earth magnets) and stick it back on. To be honest, I rarely even bother with the exit chute and, when I do, it's to show visitors I care about my bar...and I even more rarely ever vacuum it out. The retention is so minimal you just don't need to. And, yes...I'm still making espresso that is as good or better than any cafe in Houston.

but, hey, buy whatever you think looks like the right grinder for you. All I'm trying to do is dispel the myth that Kafatek grinders are hard to maintain.


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So I did a quick search on youtube. I found a couple that show a thorough cleaning as part of a burr replacement process, see below. I did not find any videos that represent a routine cleaning. Unless you just want to upgrade to something new that comes out in the future, you will never need to replace monolith burrs in your lifetime. I feel like you are making your decision based on a misunderstanding.

Here's the videos I found. Again these are about burr replacement, not cleaning.

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Another small reason why I'm gonna go with the Langom P64, Is the price of the grinder also the fact it has very large flat burrs. If I purchase the Kafatek I'm gonna spend a month on the couch, I don't know about you guys but my wife is horrible. :roll:


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Hey we all have to keep our partners happy, and the high price IS a valid criticism of a monolith. I just wanted to make sure you were making an informed decision.

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I really want to thank all of you guys who gave me your opinions, I'm leaning toward the lagoon but my mouth is watering for the monolith. One of the reasons why I like it better it's the quality and the craftsmanship of the craftsmanship of the built, I can tell if heads and tails over the Langom. I have a few months to consider, So if I can upgrade it without the nagging I'm definitely gonna go for the more expensive option. The 2nd part of this upgrade is I want to get the LA
Lamarzuka Mini, But I'm planning that for the early part of next year. I'm going to be selling my Olympia mathematics around that time, I've just always wanted the complex design of a rotary machine.


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My MC3 is dead easy to maintain.. I clean once maybe twice a year.. Takes me 15 minutes.. 0.1g retention at worst.. beautiful operation. The only thing in the espresso hobby near this price that I haven't had regrets on..


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Excuse my ignorance, but wouldn'r burr removal like that mess with the "precise alignment" so lauded after in Denis' grinders?