Smaller E61 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

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Hello all, looking to upgrade to a dual boiler from a Profitec Go, which I purchased new about a year ago. Mostly use on the weekends, but often make back to back milk drinks and really wish I would have sprung for a dual boiler originally. I'm also starting to like light roasts and want to be able to experiment some with those. Plumbing in would be difficult and costly with my current setup.

For this usage, I'm thinking a smaller E61 dual boiler with flow control would serve me well. The E61 with flow control seems like it would tackle light roasts better than the non E61 dual boilers like a Pro X, Pro 300, or Elizabeth. And I'm looking at the smaller machines because I don't see myself ever needing to crank out 8+ (or even 4-6+) milk drinks at a time. I'm leaning toward the Profitec Pro 600 over the Quickmill QM67 as I like the build of the Profitec I have currently and the flow control comes free with the 600 right now.

That said, I've already made the mistake of not springing for extra features once by starting out with the Go instead of a dual boiler. I'm not against considering something like a Synch or Bianca, or even a Micra, but I don't really see how that would improve my situation much over the 600. Anyone bought a 600 or other smaller E61 and wished they would have sprung for something closer to end game? Anything else I should be considering for this usage? If it matters, I'm pairing it with the new DF64 gen 2. I'll probably get the SSP burrs soon, but using stock for now.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this.

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I started out with a Brewtus II, the least expensive dual boiler of the time and it was a great first machine. I had a Micra here for awhile and I think it's a better first machine Than the Brewtus was. Neither had flow control to start thought the Brewtus does now. Am currently using a Decent which is way more flexible But for me, the biggest advantage of the Decent and Micra is the fast warm up. How long the Brewtus took to warm up always annoyed me. The Decent is ready to brew espresso in under 3 minutes, the Micra in 5 and the Brewtus takes 30 or so. The Decent and the Micra take a bit longer for steam, but not that much. But if you want flow control, you either mod a Micra if you go that way or buy something else.

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I've had a QM67 with flow control for the past 2 years and I love it! I chose it over the PP 600 because:
  • QM67 was smaller and I have limited counter space.
  • I already had a Profitec Machine (PP 500) and although I was happy with its build quality, I wanted to see how Quick Mill compared.
  • I could buy a Quick Mill from Chris Coffee who has a great reputation.
My QM67 arrived with a loose connection from the steam boiler temperature sensor to the PID which took some detective work to figure out. But once the connector was firmly pushed in, the machine has performed flawlessly. With the cover off, build quality looks very high. However, the small size of the machine means that things are very cramped together. Comparing my machine with the PP 600 videos on Whole Latte Love, it would appear that the PP 600 could be an easier machine to work on.

Having experienced Chris Coffee's pre and post sale service, I can confirm that they are a great dealer to work with.

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Thanks, this is good to hear. Did you look into whether or not preinfusion/flow control would be better with a rotary pump vs. vibe pump? From searching old threads, it doesn't seem to matter that much.

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justinm11 wrote:Did you look into whether or not preinfusion/flow control would be better with a rotary pump vs. vibe pump
Both of my setups are located far away from any water supply, and my budget was constrained, so I never considered a rotary pump or the plumbing-in required for line pressure pre-infusion. I'm very happy with the control I have over PI using an E61 flow control device with a vibe pump.