Smaller capacity double basket for Breville Dual Boiler?

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Hello all! Hoping for some advice as am struggling to find the right options. I've been using the stock Breville/Sage basket that came with the Dual Boiler machine (which I'm told is pretty high quality). I tend to use medium or medium-dark beans (occasionally but rarely straying into something lighter).

I'm normally dosing around 18.5-19g with a medium-dark blend and I find that anything less than 18g results in an under-filled basket, even more so with a lighter roast. So I'm looking to find a basket where I'd be able to dose, say 3g less like-for-like. Eg for my medium-dark roast, a double closer to 16g rather than 19g. Just as a way of reducing my overall caffeine intake, or for for friends that don't want to max out every time!

I'm far from a pro, so don't know whether the VST or IMS might be TOO tricky for me to use, though I'm always happy to learn. I do WDT, have just upgraded by 58mm tamper to a Normcore 58.5mm, and with a naked portafilter my extractions look fairly decent.

But even there, I've seen the IMS Competition 16g (B702TFH24) seems to be in the 16-20g range anyway, so probably not sufficiently different to what I'm using now. Should also note that I don't want to spend crazy money on a basket (the IMS is about £15 in the UK, $20 ish), so I'd say $30 is the max I'd be prepared to spend.

Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated!