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#1: Post by ventura »

A friend is looking for a good machine- but smaller than my Appartamento..any recommendations? Acasco or Lelit ? I told her about the Rancilio, but there is a wait to steam milk ....
Thank you .


#2: Post by freditoj »

Gaggia Classic Pro!!!

I mean... what does the person want?

Have your friend watch this video and have them choose from these:
If money isn't an issue, out of those I'd go with the Profitec Go

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#3: Post by baldheadracing »

I think that the Lelit Mara X is still the smallest E-61, if they want something that looks similar to your Rocket.
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#4: Post by baristainzmking »

Now about a Profitec Pro 400?

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#5: Post by Jeff »

Do they have a price range in mind?

Do you think they are after a hobby, or just a decent cappuccino or two? If the latter, maybe a Breville Bambino.

Depending on where on the spectrum they think they'll fall, there are options including Cafelat Robot, Flair 58, Argos (unreleased at this time), Londinium Vectis (also unreleased) as well as the compact, close-couple group machines like the Lelit Elizabeth. For a compact E61 with steam, the Mara X is a good option.


#6: Post by TallDan »

At the risk of being the guy with a decent who always suggests a decent:

A decent is small and capable. It fits in the OP's (lack of stated) budget.


#7: Post by boren »

If by small you mean 23cm wide or less, here are some excellent options:

Small E61 machines with a steam wand - Lelit MaraX, VBM Domobar Junior (there are single-boiler, HX and even dual-boiler versions of this machine, all are small. The newer versions are a couple of cm wider).
Small E61 machines without a steam wand - ECM Puristika, Quick Mill Carola Evo
Small non-E61 - Profitec Go, Lelit Victoria (both are significantly more advanced that the frequently recommended Rancilio Silvia and Gaggia Classic).