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#11: Post by Jeff »

You should be able to carefully lift the label with a razor blade or pointy X-Acto blade.

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#12: Post by mgwolf »

If it's a recent purchase, contact the vendor/manufacturer. They should send you a new one. Why mess around trying to fix something that's obviously defective?

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#13: Post by bznelson91 (original poster) »

After seeing @mikelipino's photos, it seemed obvious what the problem was - the screws that come into the load cell from the back were loose. Being an impatient sort, and remembering how long it took me to get the damned scale in the first place... a bit of Xacto and hex wrenches, and it's working great now! It might be a tenth of a gram off now, but then, this scale is for drink weights, not trying to get that portafilter dose exactly right.

Thanks, everyone!

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#14: Post by Jeff »

They seem to be pretty robust. I think I've got four of them and didn't find that they were significantly off in calibration, either from the factory or after tweaking them a bit. If you do want to calibrate them, I know the codes that need to be sent to put it into cal mode if the Skale app doesn't let you do it.

Edit: At least the Skale app I have here didn't offer the option. Maybe the search engines will pick up Skale II command codes and it helps someone:
# These typically get written to CONFIGURATION_EF80
class Command(enum.Enum):
    DISPLAY_WEIGHT = b'\xec'
    DISPLAY_ON = b'\xed'
    DISPLAY_OFF = b'\xee'

    OUNCES = b'\x02'
    GRAMS = b'\x03'
    PERSIST_UNITS = b'\04'

    TARE = b'\x10'

    TIMER_ZERO = b'\xd0'
    TIMER_START = b'\xd1'
    TIMER_STOP = b'\xd2'

    # Place cal weight on Skale, send command
    CALIBRATE_500G = b'\xca\x05'
    CALIBRATE_1000G = b'\xca\x0a'

    # Undocumented at this time
    FILTER_WEAK = b'\x09\x00'
    FILTER_DEFAULT = b'\x09\x01'
    FILTER_STRONG = b'\x09\x02'
    FILTER_STRONGER = b'\x09\x03'

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#15: Post by decent_espresso »

It's very likely just a screw loose inside. I'd open it up the bottom and take a look. It's not overly complicated inside, I think you'll quickly see what's wrong.

Edit : looks like you figured that out for yourself.