Single-dosing grinder to pair with a Lelit MaraX

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#1: Post by Bezman »

I'd like to buy a good grinder that will pair well with the Lelit MaraX so that it is not the limiting factor in terms of espresso quality or repeatability.
I'd like minimal retention and simple disassembly for cleaning - ideally without significantly affecting grind setting.

The grinders that I'm considering are (with their local prices converted to USD for reference):
One of the DF64 variants:
DF64 - $440
DF64P - $465
DF64E - $490
Eureka Oro - $640
Lelit PL72 - $645
Eureka Mignon XL - $645
Ceado E5P - $645
DF83 - $880
Eureka Mignon Libra - $935

Any advice is very much appreciated!

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#2: Post by whatdisay »


I recently purchased an Encore ESP and it's retaining grounds like crazy. Sending it back and intent on spending a bit more for a dedicated espresso grinder. So taxing trying to find accurate feedback online.

Best of luck to you.