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Your thread caught my eye because of the QM Pippa reference. I ordered one a week ago (6-8 wk backorder) for a handful of key reasons...

In order of importance:
1. Its height fits under my cupboards (15") AND I can refill its side access reservoir without having to move the machine or use a funky funnel. This was a monster advantage to me.
2. Fast warm-up for two-ish drinks per day. Probably 50/50 milk vs non-milk drinks. NO smart plug necessary. I am not opposed to them. I just feel it's wasteful to have to power on a coffee machine for ~30 minutes just to get the thing up to speed.
3. Good looks. I ordered the matt black + walnut which will pair well with my matt black + chrome Eureka grinder.
4. As you mentioned, a user-friendly means to adjust the OPV, and a gage with which to verify desired pressure.
5. Decent price for my budget. I wasn't digging dropping ~$2k for an E61 shiny box. And gorgeous though they are, it'd be like cleaning all that billet on my old metric cruiser all over again :/
6. Per the gent I spoke with at WLL about it lacking a PID, "You can add a PID to anything". I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, if deemed necessary. I am already a little curious if the Silvano's PID could be added to the Pippa.

I also disqualified the Silvano for supposed weak steaming performance. Plus, it's too tall for my wee kitchen.
I was leaning hard towards the GCP, especially after seeing how it can be modded to perform admirably. (Tip of the cap to Lance Hedrick's recent summary vid on this) Then I stumbled upon the Pippa :)
QM has more models from which to choose, much like Lelit. I looked pretty hard at the Victoria as well. But the "cupboard factor" really was the pivoting point.
Disclaimer: I cut my espresso teeth on a La Pavoni for these last four years.

Good luck with whatever you settle on.

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Yeah, Lelit Victoria is the only one available in the US that ticks all the boxes (PID, pressure gauge, 58mm) as far as I know.

La Pavoni Casabar PID is similar, perhaps a bit sturdier build, but it's not available in the US. You can order a 110V version from overseas online (Italy, Canada). Nice thing about it is it comes with a bottomless PF.

Jeff Mendoza (original poster)

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Jeff wrote: ... Am1rIS.pdf (Grace / Victoria manual)

Page 14:...
It seems like it only shows the set temp:
Looks like it blinks and has a "progress bar" for initial warmup and steam <-> brew switching, but nothing in between shots.
ziptie wrote:Per the gent I spoke with at WLL about it lacking a PID, "You can add a PID to anything".
Thanks, yeah I really like the look of the Pippa. I don' t know about buying a new shiny expensive machine to cut a hole in it though. I feel it would be more rewarding to myself to get a cheaper used Silvia, replace some gaskets, and cut that one up instead. Still not sure.