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I am a new user of the Rancilio Silvia. My experience with the single basket has been decent if I up my dosage to 9.5 grams, however I am looking for what single baskets would be an upgrade from the stock basket included with the Silvia (newest version). I am considering La Cimbali, La Marzocco, or E61, but I am hesitant to buy anything since I'm not sure of compatibility.

Any specific recommendations?

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1. The square-sided 41mm inside a 58mm originally made for La Marzocco; many similarly-shaped baskets now available from VST, IMS, LF:
What's the best single basket.
7 gram single shot?? Mission impossible!

If you don't want to use a 41mm basket for some reason:
2. The original equipment Elektra single basket. NOT an aftermarket version; the basket that comes with Elektra machines. However, this basket it hard to find; most of the ones being sold appear to be aftermarket versions, and you may have to updose.

3. Otherwise I like this particular one:
La Marzocco new single baskets?
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