Silicone Group Gasket Difference

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#1: Post by CSME9 »

Any performance, fit difference between 8.5mm Cafewerks Yellow and Cafalet Blue group gaskets other than price ?

Thanks, WS

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#2: Post by cafeIKE »

Can't comment on the Cafewerks, except that it does not list Vibiemme, so make sure it fits your make.
At some point, I tried a different blue 8.5 silcone, but could not fit it into the Vibiemmes.

The Cafelat is great in my Vibiemmes. Lasts forever.

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#3: Post by stefano65 »

We tested them in the past, frankly not that much difference that we could tell,
except that they are made in China (was not mentioned before we ordered them)
and even when buying them from one of our Italian supplier,
we are getting hammered with the extra 25% import tariff (just like the cafelat ones but one less hand to go through),
was a surprise since we understood they were Italian made, neeee.
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CSME9 (original poster)

#4: Post by CSME9 (original poster) »

Thanks, Probably can't go wrong with either, maybe one of each.

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#5: Post by Jeff »

Pick one, at least the Cafelat ones I have last for years.