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I think the Victoria is capable machine. I am sure you can improve your technique over time.

You said the Rocky is 6 years old. Have you replaced the burrs? Since you said your puck looks good after a shot, then I do not think the burrs are bad; it is something to check anyway. Meanwhile waiting for Niche (congrates!), replace the burrs. You will still use it for pour over anyway, so no loss.
Also, check the burrs alignment. You might also consider modding it to stepless--will not be smooth to use, I know because I did it before, but it can sustain you till the Niche shows up.

Good luck.

thatbrian (original poster)

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Thank you!

Is there a way to align the burrs? I can tell they aren't perfectly aligned because one spot touches first, when I did the calibration.


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There are several threads talking about flat burr alignment. The marker and aluminum shims is usually used. Here is one post on reddit on Rocky alignment:

I also suggest reading a couple of alignment posts for Mazzers and such, since the knowledge can be applied to many flat grinders.

Good luck.