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Hi guys,
I've had my Eureka Mignon Advanced V2 for 5 years now. It's an older version of the Mignon that I think Eureka no longer makes. It has 50mm flat ste burrs, I think the same as on the Mignon Silenzio, only far less silent :). The grinder has been super reliable so far, but it does seem to struggle a bit with the really fine grinds I do on light roasts (which I prefer). Also, the coffee gets quite clumpy at finer grinds. It's all not a huge issue for me, I use WDT to break clumps. But I am still considering whether upgrading would make an significant difference in grind quality/consistency and also give me less clumpy grinds. Also single dosing would be a great bonus option. As an upgrade I'm considering something in the 600-750 dollar range like the Niche Zero. Any thoughts?


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Have you considered a Eureka Atom 75? They're around $1,400 usd and do a fast and very quiet grind. You won't have to upgrade for years. I'm not certain that your current budget would be optimal for notable improvements in shots.

I sense with your budget it might be more of a "lateral" move. Unless you're considering hand grinders.

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Thanks for the reply! I'm open to increasing my budget, if that does help in really improving the results. The Eureka Atom looks like a fine piece...


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There's a lot to improve when you have a Mignon now. It's a basic starting home-barista grinder and does a decent job but will never be a great grinder. You can get way better espresso with a better grinder but you do need to up your budget as that'll take you over $1.000 dollar. An Atom 75 would be a massive improvement. With light roasts flat burrs will do a better job so if you're really into that, as I am, then look at flat burrs which are 75mm of bigger.

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I would read Lucca Atom 75 Espresso Grinder Review for not only what it says about the grinder, but also why.

Like espresso machines, if there was one that was great for everyone, there would only be one in the market. Think about how you want to explore espresso over the next few, or 5-10 years, depending on how big an expenditure it is for you. A grinder that makes "perfect" espresso that is a pain to use with the way you make espresso is no longer perfect.

(Not meant as a grinder X vs grinder Y comment, as the options above all are good ones for different people.)

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Thanks guys! I'm definitely prepared to spend over $1000, however retention is an issue that concerns me on these really large burr sets. Perhaps the Niche Zero could be an interesting option for me, although I'm not sure about conical burrs for espresso either... something to dive into during my Christmas break I guess!