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Great choice! Enjoy :mrgreen:
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xand wrote:I just bought a machine (arrived yesterday). Since it's my first machine ever, and I've never pulled a shot in my life before yesterday, I was pretty worried that it would be really difficult to pull a good shot, since what's important is:

1) Barista
2) Bean
3) Grinder
4) Machine

I've found that it's not difficult at all with fresh beans, even at 9 bar, and at 6 bar using the "turbo shot" recipe (15 grams dose, 40 grams output, 6 bar maximum pressure) it's positively easy. I've only pulled three 6 bar shots (drank two), both of which have been really tasty, very similar to the best 9 bar shot I managed (which was a pressure profile shot), and I didn't pressure profile except to keep to 6 bars. ... -espresso/

So, don't be too worried, although I do suggest a machine which can be easily adjusted to 6 bar (and a good grinder). Also, please remember that very fresh beans shouldn't be used for espresso, so maybe order some beans from a good roaster in advance of your machine purchase.

Of course, this may be because I just have low expectations, and note that milk is actually a pretty serious challenge (I've tried foaming six times so far, and I think my success rate is zero). Latte art is of course not even possible since my milking success rate is zero.

Here's the latest six bar shot I pulled (which I think looks good but I might be wrong given the dearth of experience):

Thanks for the input. :)
And congratulations! I will likely be where you are eventually. :)