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buckersss wrote:You should sell simply because I believe the flat slider on the ceados is a horrible mechanism. Maybe it loosens with time, or maybe there is a technique to loosen it. the way my ceado was shipped with the slider, I found it impossible to adjust accurately, and hence impossible to dial in.

If you are sure you can't get a worm gear, then yes to sell all. If you can get a worm gear then that's a legit discussion point imo.

On the other hand I do agree with John that it'll be hard to find something for $500 that stacks up, especially for your use case.

Is a hand grinder off the table?
This is right. My slider works okay but it's range of motion is limited as you know. And the serial number is definitely before what can be modded for worm gear sadly.

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I don't doubt your ability to verify, but for what it's worth my Ceado E8D has a serial number outside of the F/G/H range, and yet the worm gear installed perfectly fine on my grinder. If you want to sanity check I've posted pics of what mine looks like with the top off, taken after a recent cleaning.

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I'm pretty sure on the E series serial #s the clump crusher adjustment thingamabob is in the way. I mean you could likely mod it in some way but it would involve grinding/cutting metal.