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JaBK wrote:Great to hear, Graymatters. I tend to do the experimentation with my different non-espresso brew setups, but can see the benefit in your case.

The resale of the Mini is a very good point. I would not have too high expectations, though.

It seems the DF64 needs a few mods to be optimal? Has this been your experience?
I have taken a very low effort, pragmatic approach - I took it out of the box, used it, and saw if I was happy with it. Yes, I have to give it a light puff-puff-puff towards the end of a grind and, yes, some grounds cling to the outside of the chute but, in terms of work flow and in-the-cup results, I haven't even remotely felt the need to monkey around with modding it. Maybe I got a good one (I don't even know what version I've got) or maybe I have poor standards, or maybe it's a bit of both... but I've been happy with it, both with the old E61 and with the newer spring lever.
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Apart from the SSP burrs, i think the most useful mod that I have put in was an anti popcorning insert on top of the burrs.
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