Seeking 54mm puck screen for Breville

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by Rustic39 »

I've been pleased with the Bplus puck screen in my E61 group. I would like to get one for my daughter to try in her Breville Barista Express. As I understand it, that machine uses a 54mm basket. Unfortunately, it appears that Bplus does not offer a puck screen in that size.
I'm seeking suggestions for a good alternative in the 54mm size.

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#2: Post by Jeff »

I wanted screens for a 43 mm and 43.5 mm basket. Based on recommendations in another thread†, I went with ... esh-second The quality of the screens seems to be good and the finishing was as smooth as one might reasonably expect on the edges. I did not get mine decorated. Delivery was surprisingly fast, around a week, as I recall.

Caravel 1.2 huuuge leap in coffee quality

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#3: Post by ash4889 »

I've seen a bunch of them on Amazon, And most are around $15


#4: Post by jcran17 »

Normcore has a 53.3mm they recommend for the Breville. Seems a little more expensive than some others mentioned and not sure there is a quality difference. They have a lot of 53.3mm toys, so you might find something else enticing.

I just ordered the 53.3mm auto-level tamper for my Vivaldi ... 2234362052