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#1: Post by homages_emeries »

The SearchPean tiny2s is sometimes recommended on here as a more reasonably priced ($50) alternative to the Acaia that also fits underneath the Cafelat Robot.

I just wanted to leave a warning on here that it's a piece of junk.

In principle, the Acaia's espresso mode (where it will automatically tare your demitasse, and then automatically start the timer when coffee flow/increasing weight is detected), is a convenient but basically trivial feature.

The brilliant minds behind SearchPean, however, neglected to implement *any* noise reduction or algorithmic intelligence into their device. This means that any detection of weight (even if it is completely transient) will trigger the timer, and any cessation of weight increase (even if only for a split second) will stop the timer.

This, of course, makes the feature basically useless in the real world.

It's sad, because if we're being honest $50 is about what the features Acaia is offering, should cost, but it appears that actually $50 just buys you junk.

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#2: Post by buckersss »

Unless you want Bluetooth with SEP to capture flow rate, I don't think you can go wrong with the Triton T3 400 / 0.01g. $14usd, works like a charm, fits under the robot, proven to last for years.

Triton has no timer, but unless the scale has Bluetooth (which it doesn't seem the above has) I dont see the need.


#3: Post by jontyc »

Yes, very disappointing the Tiny2s for espresso. Unusable if you preinfuse and start with drops.

Makers disagreed, showing how it's fine when simulating espresso with pour over. A simulation?

A pity because it's a great form factor and feels quality.


#4: Post by espressoren »

I would guess the budget alternative would be the Black Mirror Nano. I bought one to travel with and it's a little more finicky than the Lunar but overall really not bad once you get used to the triple tap to change modes.

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#5: Post by RapidCoffee »

Here's another small budget digital coffee scale:

Compared to SearchPean: same width but slightly wider and longer, slightly lighter in weight, less expensive (currently on sale for ~$15).
Weighs to 3kg with 0.1g resolution. Reasonably accurate and fairly responsive. Touch-sensitive sensors (no buttons).
Runs on built-in rechargeable battery (or two AAA batteries).
Operates in manual and auto mode. The latter tares the cup for you, then starts the timer when espresso pour begins, stops when you remove the cup.

I've had one for about a week, using it daily with a Spaz Vivaldi. So far no serious complaints.

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#6: Post by Jeff »

Anyone considering the scale linked by RapidCoffee should be aware that the dimensions given in the images are not correct. It does not fit the Robot, which the 3.8" width suggested. It may well be a great $16 scale, but it does not meet my needs for size.

The scale delivered indicates 135 * 115 * 20 mm or a bit over 4.5" in width.

Trying to leave a review on Amazon brought up a banner that indicated "Amazon has noticed unusual reviewing activity on this product. Due to this activity, we have limited this product to verified purchase reviews."

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#7: Post by RapidCoffee »

Jeff is right: correct dimensions are 4.5"W x 5.3"L, making it about 0.5" wider and 1.5" longer than the SearchPean (assuming the website dimensions). Sorry that it doesn't fit the Robot!

Update: Amazon website description now lists correct dimensions (still incorrect in an image).

auto tare/timer scale on left, manual tare/timer V60 scale on right


#8: Post by JackC »

Agreed. In my case I purchased this scale in Dec 2022 and it worked fine for four months, and then began to have difficulty charging intermittently. After 6 months it stopped taking a charge completely. I recommend against buying this. When it did work, I thought it was fine.