Searching for the definitive comparison - Synesso MVP vs Speedster

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Dr G

#1: Post by Dr G »

Hi, I was hoping to get some help on this topic. I have a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy one of these machines. There have been a lot of chats about this topic with minimal commitment.

Could users of both machines explain in their opinion which machine is better and why?

Thank you very much!


#2: Post by kidloco »

I'm just here to envy you :). I absolutely love both machines, without no good reason I want MVP more. Actually used Speedster one or two times, nothing to complain about...


#3: Post by erik82 »

One isn't better then the other. When you're buying this type of machines it really depends on personal preference. Do you like to fiddle around a lot and have the fear of missing out on something then buy a Synesso. If you just want a easy to control superior espresso machine without all of the bells then buy the Speedster.

Personally I'd buy the Speedster with Irdomatic.


#4: Post by Ad-85 »

Speedster with Idromatic group head
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#5: Post by NelisB »

All the shots I drank from Speedsters were great. All the shots I drank from Synesso were not that great.


#6: Post by erik82 »

Oh and you do need a far better grinder then a Mini if your buying one of these.

Dr G (original poster)

#7: Post by Dr G (original poster) »

I've got an EG1


#8: Post by NelisB »

That's great


#9: Post by RickVanCleef »

So in "the definitive comparison," you offer nothing and expect everyone else ro shower you with information.

Dr G (original poster)

#10: Post by Dr G (original poster) »

Do you want to know about my machine? The Olympia cremina?