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Dr G wrote:Yes I would consider others but I've ruled out a slayer and am unsure about the Leva X... I'll be keeping the cremina as a side hustle machine :lol:
Curious what caused you to rule out slayer?

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The waitlist!!!
Can get a synesso faster


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If you plan on buying the Leva X then get it from LM USA (this machine is very complicated and it has 5 boards). Local support is everything, I had to replace a faulty screen with its 2 boards costing me 650$ (even though my machine was under warranty but ECS and LM Italy did nothing to help). At this level you're looking at diminishing returns, so get the machine that gets you the best warranty and support whether it's LM or any other machine.
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The OP's location is listed as Sydney and I have assumed Australia (possibly could be Nebraska I guess), some Leva X owners purchased from Australia so it could be fully supported for him there.


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Sorry, I call bull. How do you know so many people who own such an exclusive and hugely expensive machine (Leva X). In particular, a lever?? Lever machines make amazing espresso ...but they are hardly mainstream.
I own a Speedster, which took me years to save up for (and guess what, I've never met any other Speedster owners :)
I have never tasted a better espresso my life, that a Speedster easily produces, and I don't have the idro-matic. The thick mouth feel and sweetness is what it's all about, not withstanding the beauty of this amazing and painstakingly hand built machine.
Anyway, again, apologies for not believing everything I read. If this offends anyone, please delete my ranting post :)


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I believe @danetrainer. He's close to a coffee geek community where they buy ridiculous gear and one of them is a famous coffee related manufacturer :)
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^^^ Absolutely!
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Speedster vs Synesso.... Anyone able to offer a comparison and buying advice?
Leva X not a fan of it

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I know danetrainer and that he's referring to HB member mivanitsky, whom I also know, and others. There are more than a few members here who have collections of high-end gear.

But back to my earlier question to the OP, Dr G. Please add some content to your invitation for a "definitive" comparison. What do you like about the Synesso and the Speedster? What's your espresso routine? What more do you want to know? I lose interest in vague inquiries like this.

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