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#1: Post by DettoArcano »

Hi everyone,
I'm new to the home coffee hobby since few months. I'm using a gaggia classic pro for the espresso, a Moccamaster for filter and a Anfim Haus Self grinder.
I would like to upgrade my grinder with a new purchase :P I would like a all-round grinder, with good quality design and materials. Online I've found these three grinders, but I don't know if they are good enough or if there are other better products with similar budget.

-Niche Zero
-eureka oro single dose / mignon XL
-x54 Mahlkoenig

What do you think? Do you have any other suggestions?

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#2: Post by Jeff »

Arguably, there aren't grinders that excel at both espresso and brewed coffee until into thousands, and maybe not there either. There are a few that are great at one and acceptable with the other. Is espresso or brewed coffee more important to you?

In that price range (it looks like you're targeting under US$1,000), I'd also consider the DF64

If only a cup or two at a time, there are some great hand grinders as well in the $180 to around $400 range (and a few above that)

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#3: Post by nguye569 »

You can add DF64 and Fiorenzato All ground to your list for research.

I'm using an X54 and am generally happy with it. If you typically keep beans in the hopper, you'll lose about 40g of beans when purging to switch out the beans. It's not a huge issue for me since I only do pourover once or twice a month.

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#4: Post by JB90068 »

Hate to say it, but if you are looking for a really good all around grinder, then you might want to consider going high end like a Weber EG-1. I realize this is more than you want to spend. The Mignon XL is a nice grinder - mine is a few months old, but the there is a night and day flavor difference between it and my recently purchased EG-1. If you haven't watched this video by James Hoffman, you might want to. Be forewarned, this video may give you a bad case of upgradeitis.

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