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#1: Post by RJB83 »

Hello everyone, looking for scale recommendations for measuring dosage.

I have a lunar on order but I think I'll just keep that in the drip tray, so looking for a simple option.

Or should I just use the lunar and measure the dose on the drip tray?

Looking for the simplest workflow

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#2: Post by Jeff »

As I vaguely remember, my trusty, ancient, brass, Rancilio, bottomless portafilter and basket was close to 500 g. I'd weigh yours to see if a 500 g capacity is sufficient or not.

I use a Jennings/JScale CJ600 that I've had for years to weigh dose. I mention the brand as a reference to the platform size. There are probably less-expensive options out there now. The CJ600 platform is big enough that a bottomless PF can be set on it. Some of the smaller scales might need a dedicated PF holder of some sort.

My own workflow is to use ridgeless baskets and weigh and prep in a bare basket and funnel. An "unsprung" spring helps with this. Some don't use a spring at all. A bare basket might be easy enough to weigh on your drip-tray scale.

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#3: Post by JB90068 »

If you decide that you want to portion out your beans when you get a fresh lb, then the Luna is all you need.

Maybe explaining what I do will help. Get a lb from my local roaster. Get home and portion out 18g doses on my Luna into tubes with one way valves to off gas. Store them in a cabinet or freezer. Pull out a tube to use as needed. The rest of the week my scale sits in the drip tray. This may not work for you though.
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RJB83 (original poster)

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That would be the way I would go if I were single dosing. My grinder has a large hopper so I'd need to make sure I have the correct weight in the porta filter


#5: Post by espressosnob »

I recently got a Flair 58 and want to experiment with pressure/flow profiling. The Acaia Lunar links to apps for that purpose, but their site says both the original and the 2021 version are out of stock. The site won't even let me pre-order. Is there any other scale that will allow me to profile in this way?

RJB83 (original poster)

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They restock the Lunar every Monday-Friday at noon eastern. I bought a black version of the 2021 lunar today.

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#7: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

RJB83 wrote: Or should I just use the lunar and measure the dose on the drip tray?
not a good idea if you are also steaming as you will harm the battery. They are not waterPROOF. I use the Lunar with only two of the six modes. The others are turned off. So easy and excellent to use it for both dosage and shots. Have you considered a dosing rack where you pre weigh the beans into small jars.

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RJB83 (original poster)

#8: Post by RJB83 (original poster) replying to CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

My grinder is not single dose , so unfortunately that wouldn't work for me.

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#9: Post by BaristaBoy E61 »

Our method is cheap and simple as illustrated in the attached pics. It's the same scale we purchased with our espresso machine 7+yrs ago that can be calibrated so that we know it's accurate enough for our purposes.

We single dose so our doses are pre-weighed, then weighed again after grinding by placing the portafilter dosing funnel on the scale to use as a portafilter balance and taring out its weight. The total weight of the portafilter is subtracted through mental gymnastics from the known weight of the Rancilio bottomless portafilter that is 481g. The difference, 17.3g, is the weight of the ground coffee alone to the 10th of a gram that is about the weight of 1-bean of coffee.

The same scale is then put on the drip tray to measure extraction alone in the cup by taring out the weight of the cup.

Cheap & dirty. It works and doesn't owe us anything at this time. No need for an expensive GbW grinder. No need for expensive complications.

BTW: Our grinder is not a single dose grinder but works well in that mode anyway. Try yours; you might be surprised when measured by the taste in the cup!

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#10: Post by SteveRhinehart »

RJB83 wrote:They restock the Lunar every Monday-Friday at noon eastern. I bought a black version of the 2021 lunar today.
I do the restocks at noon eastern every day including weekends, since it's the busy season. I'll switch back to weekdays only in the new year.

Original Lunars are not restocked this way, only the 2021 version.