Salvatore Famosa (old?)

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Ty Thorn

#1: Post by Ty Thorn »

Can any of you experts tell me about this machine? Am I going to regret buying it used? I did a BUNCH of searching of the interwebs and only found one similar and that was a factory restored version sold in 2015 for $1200. I'm interested to know anything and everything about it as I'll be the guy working on it and fixing it up, the wife will be the operator. I'm okay with fabricating some parts FYI.

Thanks for any help!


#2: Post by tonyisntworking »

You can contact Salvatore with any questions you have. Are there issues with it currently? If not just check for scale and change some gaskets would be a start.

I think it's a semi auto e61 group underneath. ... automatic/


#3: Post by espressonut »

I had a Famous that was a little older than yours, but it had digital buttons with flow control. The buttons on your machine look like someone swapped them out, but I could be wrong.

Either way, contact Salvatore, he's very responsive and willing to help. I needed a portafilter for mine and he hand made one!


#4: Post by Alaroast »

This looks like it is likely one of the first versions he built when he started up. I too found a good deal on one of these (Famosa) earlier this year but was missing the drip tray and portafilter and needed a new pump Like espressonut said, Salvatore was able to build both parts from scratch and ship them too me. Kinda pricey but worth restoring the old machine. It pulled a great shot and I recently sold it for what I had in it. Salvatore was The groundbreaker in building prosumer-level machines in the US and he can walk through most issues over the phone if you can't figure it out.