Saint Anthony Shot Collar

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#1: Post by airmoses83 »

I was looking at getting this as I dont tamp and only use a leveler. Has anyone used the Saint Anthonys shot collar and used it in place of also tamping? I was looking to use this in conjunction with my Niche Zero and directly grind into the ports filter.

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#2: Post by emradguy »

I had one for a while. It definitely has its pros and cons, and those seem pretty extreme to me. So, it's not for everyone.

Pros: 1) great distribution once you get it adjusted so the distribution bar is at the right height and your basket filling technique is optimize to use it. 2) It weighs a ton, and will hold down your pf even if you use a bottomless on a small tamper stand (such as the Cafelat rubber one). This allows you to use both hands in the filling process. 3) has a set screw, so once you figure out where you want it adjusted to, it'll stay where you put it, without fail.

Cons: 1) inside diameter is very small, making it difficult to get all your grounds in the basket. You cannot fit it with a standard 58mm dosing funnel. So, you need to figure out something else. 2) need to fiddle a lot to get the top of the bed below the distribution bar, so that when you remove it, you won't have grounds above the basket rim. 3) even after you get everything where you want it, the process of prepping your basket is slow...hella slow!

I sold mine after about 2-3 months of use.