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Update on the rotating spirographic wdt device made by the etsy seller CoffeetoolsCA. I first discovered his distribution devices a few months before Weber came out with their moonraker when they were already into the 2nd or 3rd generation and as far as I could find out on etsy at the time, his devices were the first of their kind on that platform or maybe anywhere i knew of. Uniquely as distinct from the duomo type device, the spirographic motion meant that the needles rotated on their own orbits in varying ways and so did not just create concentric channels through the puck like devices like the duomo appeared to do. So it seems tl me that coffeetoolsCA does have the distinction of making perhaps the first spirographic distribution tool.

I was happy wirh the results for that earlier generation tool thoigh it did feel like a 3d printed toy in its feel- as I mentioned above I found the distribution was as good as manual wdt done carefully. It rotated quickly and easily thoigh it would rattle a little which gave it the toy like feeling.

However the seller was in the midst of improving his product and his next iteration involved ball bearings to make the rotation smoother and rhe assembly heavier so that it felt more solid and professional. So I ordered another pair of those devices in 54mm and 58mm and he was kind enough to give me a generous discount as a repeat customer. The new iteration had fixed magnets at the bottom to enable it to sit more securely on the portafilter.

When i received them, there were some teething issues as the material he made the new iteration warped jn transit and arrived in uncircular shapes! As well the magnets fell off and sat too high. The seller was very attentive to these issues and professional in his servicw - he quickly fixed the issues, used a different material and improved his product further and sent me replacements at his cost. The final product has exceeded my expectations. Thoigh it is still a 3d printed device, the whole appearance is of much more solid and complex build.

The rotation is smooth and reassuringly not toy like in all. The device sits a lot better on the portafilter with the magnets at the bottom doing their job though it is still a good idea to keep one's hand on the device to ensure it continues sitting there as you rotate the device with the handle that is now more elegant compared to the previous version - I dropped the device accidentally once when I rotated it without keeping one hand on it.

Best of all the distribution my 54mm one produces is the fluffiest and most even looking I have ever seen - certainly better looking than anything I have ever produced with manual wdt. And it does this consistently everytime no matter how fast I rotate it. The 58mm one is messier but I suspect it is becsuse I have installed the full complement of needles to it. I notice the 54 mm one came with some needles not installed and maybe this is the reason why.

So I have had good results with the tool made by CoffeetoolsCA from Canada though i would add the obvious caveat that it is still nonetheless a 3d printed device so don't expect moonraker type fit and finish and materials and since it is not made of metal etc it will be more fragile (I cracked one of its legs when I dropped it as I mentioned above). Apart from the 58mm standard size, it is also available in the 54mm one that can be used by all La San Marco sized portafilters such as used by LSM, Nurri, ACS, and Izzo levers which s presently unavailable for the moonraker. And it is sold at a much, much cheaper price which also helps a lot!
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For information, please note that the CoffeeToolsCA tool that is nicely reviewed above has its own thread (which I have just renamed, as the CoffeeToolsCA tool is no longer the only such tool on Etsy):
CoffeeToolsCA Etsy Rotating Distribution Tool
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baldheadracing wrote:For information, please note that the CoffeeToolsCA that is nicely reviewed above has its own thread, which I have just renamed to hopefully make things more clear as the CoffeeToolsCA is no longer the only such tool on Etsy:
CoffeeToolsCA Etsy Rotating Distribution Tool

Thanks for that reminder- I will post a link to my review there too.
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Hi guys. Read the thread, and I want to get one of these tools from etsy, but the one everyone talks about of CoffeeToolsCA is way to expensive for me. I am about to buy this one instead, any reason not to (other than reviews of late shipment)? ... o?ref=cart